Unveiling the creative inspiration behind our floral arrangements

Scritto da Serena Tosi

Josie & Blair - Wedding Tuscany Tuscany

Getting in empathy

Every couple has specific needs, different tastes and cultural backgrounds that influence their choice of floral arrangements and décor. As a destination wedding floral designer, empathizing with each couple is essential for me to understand their vision: interpreting it to bring their dream wedding to life is the real challenge.

From the very first emails, we exchange highly detailed information. For foreign couples, the ceremony – whether civil or symbolic – is frequently held at the wedding venue. Additionally an increasing number of couples are opting for imperial tables during the reception, which allows greater creative freedom to create a décor that will impress and wow guests.

As a destination wedding floral designer, I work with couples from the USA, UK, Lebanon, China, India, and European countries. Therefore, it’s crucial for me to have a good knowledge of the wedding venues and their unique characteristics, so I can suggest the most appropriate floral design for each location.

Josie & Blair - Wedding Tuscany Tuscany

The choice of the color palette

For instance, this lovely Scottish couple I worked with, during the design phase shared an image of their traditional tartan fabric, which the groom and other gentlemen in the family would wear. This image served as an inspiration for me in selecting the color palette and variety of flowers to be used in their wedding decorations.

The outcome was truly spectacular. The floral arrangements, which were predominantly shades of red gently softened by dust pink, perfectly complemented the natural greens and created a stunning scenery effect. To pay tribute to the couple’s homeland, I also incorporated some heathers – the legendary flower of Scotland’s moors – into the décor, and they blended perfectly with the other flowers.


Even the sky has taken on the colors of our palette

For their ceremony at the Conti of San Bonifacio, Josie and Blair opted for breathtaking triumphant floral compositions, and they chose to walk down the aisle surrounded by a spectacular floral corridor that lined the chairs of their guests.

Josie’s bouquet was designed to be loose and spontaneous, and it perfectly matched Blair’s tartan, resulting in a flawless image of the couple together! The entire day was made all the more special by the addition of carefully selected floral details. At the reception, the long tables were arranged in a u-shape, with a stunning floral runner adorned with long candles. This beautiful display enchanted both the bride and groom and all of their guests.

Their entrance to the dinner reception was magical. As they made their way in, it was as if the sky itself had taken on the colors of our palette, with the air suffused with a gentle pink glow that made everything seem brighter. All this against the backdrop of a setting sun, making for a truly enchanting atmosphere. A dream come true just like in the most beautiful fairytales!

As the sun made its exit, leaving behind the shadows of the evening, the light of the candles started to mingle with the flowers, casting an intimate, mysterious and charming glow over the reception.

In my vision…

Scotland is a truly enchanting place, where the power of nature is awe-inspiring. The magic of the lakes, the ancient traditions of a proud and resilient people, all of these elements mix with my beloved Tuscany, and together they form the foundation of my imagination. This creative vision was then brought to life through my work with flowers, resulting in the perfect floral arrangements for Josie and Blair.