More than a craftsman’s workshop for decorations, Infinto Amore is a safe space for the soul, not a physical space but a room for the heart. It is our desire to enter into people’s dreams, to create something beautiful that brightens lives and creates a connection to the platonic world of ideas where true Beauty resides.

There’s craftsmanship and philosophy in my workshop, there’s my life, my passion and my experiences. That’s the reason every object, every creation that leaves my hands possesses something special, because prior to creating floral arrangements, favours and props, we have to create emotions. Every idea comes from the knowledge of the people who come to us with their personalities, with their wonderfully distinct identities. In order to create something special, something magical, we set out with this knowledge that usually results in amazing friendships.

Infinito Amore is therefore a philanthropic project. It is that which is born before the meeting of souls and that develops afterwards through my mind and my hands.

Serena Tosi | Owner and Creative Director

Serena is an eclectic individual. Since childhood she has been curious and passionate about nature, beauty and the arts, choosing an education that brought together technical and humanistic studies to satisfy her innate capacity for manual work and her love for literature. Bringing together years of experience and her natural talents means she possesses a unique capacity for immediate problem-solving that is applied to her work as decorator as she invents techniques and methods that are applied with ease on multiple levels of her work. Her warm and open personality is one of the qualities most appreciated by her treasured clients, who feel truly taken care of.


Richard Maffei | Administrative Team Coordinator

Richard, after years of learning experience alongside his wife, Serena, has acquired a strong capacity for project planning and he has assumed a key role in the successful realization of the activities.

Infinito Amore Richard



Tra i ricordi del nostro giorno più bello resterà nel cuore la professionalità di Serena. Grazie alle sue doti, al suo sorriso al suo fare magico riesce a rendere i sogni realtà!
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We are a British couple who got married in San Galgano Abbey, Chuisdino, this May. Serena was incredible from the very beginning. She was super flexible and came to meet us twice at the venue....
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