Infinito Amore has been trusted by people since 2002 to amaze and astound them throughout their most beautiful day!


We plan the perfect wedding client by client, starting with our knowledge of the couple and then creating a perfectly tailored event, developing themes and adding tasteful and elegant details. Every aspect of the day is brought together in collaboration with our clients in order to create a beautiful event that reflects their individual and unique story. Every flower, every word, every satin ribbon speaks of the bride and groom and their profound love for each other.


Every detail decided upon by our clients is created by hand directly in our workshop, without the involvement of third parties. Floral compositions are designed around the couple’s flower choice. Our international flower suppliers based in Pescia are able to meet every floral need, supplying both beautiful local flowers as well as those from Dutch, Ecuadorian, Thai and Kenyan markets.

Infinito Amore has over 20 years of experience, impressive technical skill and a natural flair for innovation, always looking for new styles to propose to clients by attending courses and workshops run by some of the biggest national and international names in the business.

Currently our strengths lie in creating a large scale Natural look: we propose to our clients poetic creations that leave space for Nature’s soft forms and vivid colours to create unique looks that dreams are made of.

A large range of vases and supports allows us to vary composition types that guarantee a dramatic effect.

Wedding favours are created in collaboration with prestigious cloth-making craftsmen who provide little bags as well as internationally known gift businesses that enable us to create sweet, precious keepsakes that are received by guests with the wonder that is reserved for small surprises.

Sumptuous confetti can also be provided, using delicious artisanal sweets such as gummy candies, marshmallows or small pastries in order to create sweet delights for the eyes and palate that fill your guests with wonder as the day draws to a close.


The presence of a wedding day coordinator during the ceremony guarantees continuous assistance, nothing is left to chance and everything is precisely under control. She will take care of every minimal detail as the event unfolds, will make sure everything is on time and according to the desires of the couple, will intervene in the case of unforeseen changes and will find adequate and timely solutions. In short, the wedding day coordinator will be a reference point for everyone, the conductor of an orchestra performing an extraordinary concert!


Seating arrangements, tags, place holders and tableau are all written entirely by hand with ink pen in elegant cursive writing style that leaves guests pleasantly surprised. A touch of vintage style that is truly chic as well as contemporary.


Thanks to a collaboration with Giovanni Raspante, Stylosofie and esteemed national and international flower designers, Infinto Amore guarantees amazing results in producing prestigious floral designs for both weddings and events.

Plan the perfect day!

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