About our Prices

At Infinito Amore we offer a tailored service, we create floral arrangements from the most varied styles that will be beautiful backdrops for the most important moments of your Wedding Day and will make it entirely your own.

Are the flowers all the same?

We don’t think so. This is why we use top-of-the-line products and are constantly on the hunt for non-conventional flowers with unusual colors and original features.

Do you know why?

Because we don’t sell flowers, but we create emotions. We invent atmospheres that leave a mark
in the souls.

This is our success.

Flower Design & Wedding Decoration

We don’t offer fixed packages, because we believe all couples are different and are meant for a specific and peculiar floral project. Our individual approach to our couples aims at making sure that every single detail will speak their love story, especially the flowers!

As follow, you can find some pricing information of the most requested arrangements. Please bear in mind that these are indicative and are only provided for reference purposes and for simplifying your evaluation. 

Here is a list of the main floral arrangements we propose:


  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridal accessories
  • Entrance arrangements
  • Decorations for the aisle
  • Scenic wedding ceremony backdrops
  • Floral arrangements for buffet tables and cocktail tables
  • Wedding centerpieces with lights
  • Photo booth floral arrangements
  • Wedding cake floral decorations
  • Calligraphy table seating plans and their floral arrangements
  • Calligraphy and stationery
  • Any kind of personalized arrangement upon request of the couple

Classy wedding items

Since we started, at Infinito Amore we have been using the best products in our projects and we have been collaborating with the most prestigious providers in the field, searching for uncommon furnishing accessories provided by international suppliers, flushing out the best potters, glass makers, blacksmiths and antique dealers in order to offer our clients the widest and most sophisticated choice possible.

Among our most requested products there are our candelabras with thermal glass covers, available in different shapes and finishing. We also provide German smokeless and drip-less candles to be purchased separately.

Here are price examples of some of the most requested arrangements:



Floral arrangement


Arch starting from €700
Tall floral centerpieces from €300
Floral lined ceremony aisle from €100 per meter


Floral arrangements

Pedestal flower bowls from €80 each
Flower garlands starting from €60 per meter
Small pots and bottles from €50 per meter
Candles €6 each


Personal flowers


Botanical bouquets starting from €180 €
Bridesmaids bouquets from €60
Boutonnieres starting from €20


If you wish to be one of our couples do not hesitate to contact us to start to make your wish come
true together.


Your dream starts here!